Libertana’s Third Year of Scholars and First Year of “Campers”

At Libertana, we believe profoundly in the transformative power of education and supporting the mental health of our community’s youth. We strive to support our employees, their families, and our community whenever we can. With this motivation, we’re proud to announce two initiatives – first, the third installment of our Libertana Scholars program and second, the launch of our “campership”…

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How To Host Your Own Beach Cleanup

Libertana recognizes the value of community activities that not only create bonding experiences, but also benefit our environment. With beaches being a hotspot for summer activities, they are also, unfortunately, being polluted by all the foot traffic. Organizing a beach cleanup is the perfect way to get out, socialize, and help the environment! PREPARATION The first step to a successful…

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Rails for A Better Life

Earlier this year, Suzie began to search for ways to make her home more accessible for her child’s needs. With microcephaly, autism, and chromosomal abnormalities, simple tasks like climbing a staircase or taking a stroll outside can be difficult. That’s when she contacted Libertana to help pursue home improvements. Having already worked with the family for months, Millie, one of…

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