Respite Care

For over 20 years, Libertana has been a trusted vendor of California Regional Centers.  The Regional Centers provides services to individuals and families impacted by Developmental Disabilities.   One important service that provides family members with a break from the daily caregiving duties is called respite care.

Regional Center clients and families have the option to recruit and staff their own respite provider, which Libertana will manage the state and federal mandated Human Resources and Payroll responsibilities, or Libertana can provide staff upon request.

Respite Services are provided in the client’s home.  Services are non-medical in nature and meant to ensure the client’s basic needs are being met while providing direct safety supervision. Respite workers have completed First Aid & CPR training for added client safety.

Libertana’s services can be requested through your Regional Center Case Worker. The Regional Center will issue an authorization specifying the number of approved hours per month or quarter.  Libertana can accommodate a respite client’s in-home day care or personal care hours as well.  Call for more information.

If you do not have a IHSS worker, we can help you apply for that program

If you want to apply for the HBCA program, we can help you apply for that program

For Disability Services, Consumer and Applicant Appeals Procedure Questions:
Department of Developmental Services – (916) 651-6309