Extended Care

Also known as home healthcare, private duty nursing allows medically fragile patients (children or adults) to receive skilled nursing care at home. Staffing include Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses or Certified Home Health Aides to manage the care needs as prescribed by the patient’s physician.  A patient’s private insurance or Medi-Cal may pay for pre-authorized services in the home, as a less expensive service alternative than facilities or hospitals. 

PDN patients at home may have complex or unique health conditions and require Ventilator Care, Tracheostomy Care, G-Tube Feedings and Care and/or other special medical equipment needs.

Patients receiving PDN services in the home require much support from the family or designated caregivers.  Many PDN clients in California may also be enrolled in State Waiver programs, like the Home & Community Based Services (HCBS).  HCBS services, which Libertana also offers, provides ongoing nursing and social work care management.

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