How To Host Your Own Beach Cleanup

Libertana recognizes the value of community activities that not only create bonding experiences, but also benefit our environment. With beaches being a hotspot for summer activities, they are also, unfortunately, being polluted by all the foot traffic. Organizing a beach cleanup is the perfect way to get out, socialize, and help the environment!


The first step to a successful beach cleanup is preparation! Ensuring you have all the materials you need will help your cleanup run smoothly and stress-free.

Visiting the site of your cleanup before scheduling your cleanup will provide you with the information you need to plan. Selecting your event’s exact location, time, and presenting your team with an itinerary in advance, will help limit confusion.

The beach you choose should be easily accessible and safe. It is recommended to host your event in the morning, between 7am and 11am, to protect your volunteers from the sun’s strongest rays.

To prevent potential heat exhaustion and injuries, volunteers should prepare for the weather and wear thick gloves, a hat, sunscreen, and close-toed shoes.

Your cleanup event does not need to be large–every bit counts! If you anticipate that your group will have more than 10 participants, connect with your park or community officials to check whether acquiring a permit is necessary. To keep everyone coordinated, have everyone set an alarm on their phones to meet back at a specific meeting spot after the clean up.



  • Plenty of snacks and water in a cooler
  • “Grabber” tools for potentially hazardous trash
  • Extra sunscreen
  • Reusable bags, burlap sacks, or buckets to hold trash
  • First-aid kit
  • A large tarp with containers to separate recyclables like plastic, glass, and metal from the trash
  • Empty detergent bottles or containers with lids to store sharp items
  • Optional: a camera/phone to take pictures


After your team reconvenes post-cleanup, take a team picture and photograph all of the trash you picked up. These photos can be posted on Social Media to encourage others to set up beach cleanups in their communities!

After everyone has gathered their trash, it’s best to lay out a tarp and sort the recyclables and trash into separate piles.

Finally, dispose of your trash, whether it be at curbside bins or a local waste management facility.

Libertana commends our team for being active members of the communities they inhabit, and looks forward to hosting more community events in the future.