National Immunization Awareness Month

In 1796, Edward Jenner led the first scientific test of a potential smallpox inoculation. This research ultimately led to the smallpox vaccine. Jenner referred to smallpox as “the most dreadful scourge of the human species.” While it would be decades until his research was scaled and safely developed for widespread distribution, his scientific ingenuity earned him the moniker of “the…

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Summer Sun Protection

It’s summer. The weather is warm. And the sun is out…let’s talk about proper sun protection. Last month was Skin Cancer Awareness Month and June 26th was National Sunglasses Day, but the truth is, when it comes to sun safety — we should remain vigilant regardless of the day or month. Ultraviolet radiation, or “UV”, is a form of radiation…

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The Elderly are Vital Members of our Community – Pandemic or Not

Our elders contribute in immeasurable ways to our society, but all too often they are overlooked or undervalued. At Libertana, we are proud to prioritize and focus on providing the highest quality of care for the older generation. In doing so, we hope to help foster and bolster intergenerational relations. These are the relationships that enable us to learn from…

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