Improving Sleep: Quality and Quantity

Did you know that getting a good night’s sleep is as important to your health as exercise and diet? While often overlooked…consistent, deep, and adequate sleep is vital to our well-being. At Libertana, we’re passionate about health – for the body and the mind. We know how many folks struggle with falling asleep and capturing quality rest. High-quality, consistent, and…

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Libertana Scholarship Update

Last year, Libertana launched its Libertana Scholarship program to support our employees and their families in pursuing their educational and professional goals. The Libertana Scholarship awarded grants ranging from $500 to $1000 to the children and grandchildren of Libertana employees enrolled in an accredited four-year university, junior college, or vocational program. Our first cohort of scholars varied both in their…

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Meet a Libertana Scholar: Kaylee Villalobos

In 2020, we had an incredible inaugural group of Libertana scholars. Meet Kaylee Villalobos, an inspiring, driven, first-generation student studying biochemistry at UC Davis. We’re so proud of Kaylee and can’t wait to follow her future endeavors. We also want to send a reminder to be on the lookout for the next round of Libertana scholar applications. We will be…

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